Labour and Social Affairs


Labour and Social Affairs

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From 1 June, refugees from Ukraine who are in need of assistance will receive assistance and social benefits under the Social Code (Sozialgesetzbuch) rather than the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act (Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz), as was previously the case. The prerequisite for this is that they have been fingerprinted and photographed by the authorities and have applied for a residence permit for temporary protection; that they have subsequently been issued a provisional residence document (Fiktionsbescheinigung) or a residence permit for temporary protection; and that they meet the other requirements to receive basic income support benefits under Book II or Book XII of the Social Code.

In the case of people who have been issued a residence permit for temporary protection or a corresponding provisional residence document after 24 February 2022 and before 1 June 2022, but have not yet been fingerprinted and photographed by the authorities, it is sufficient for their data to be recorded in the Central Register of Foreigners (Ausländerzentralregister). In these cases, the individuals must then be fingerprinted and photographed by the authorities by 31 August 2022.

The shift to providing benefits under the Social Code will ensure that comprehensive assistance is available in future to secure living expenses, for health care, and for integration. To make it easier for refugees to integrate, it will be made clear that they can start working immediately, and residence restrictions will be relaxed, particularly in cases where refugees have found a job, are attending integration courses, or are taking part in continuing education or training. 

Sign language
The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs offers information about social services and working in Germany in sign language for the hearing impaired.

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