Statutory health insurance

How does the system of statutory health insurance work in Germany?openMinimise

What insurance claim do Ukrainian refugees in need have, e. g. those unemployed or without income?openMinimise

Can Ukrainian refugees take out an insurance in Germany when they are not in need and therefore do not have an entitlement to ALG II (unemployment benefit II)?openMinimise

What insurance claim do I have when I’m employed in Germany?openMinimise

What is family insurance and who can claim it?openMinimise

What medical services are paid for by health insurance?openMinimise

What happens in case of a medical emergency if you have not yet registered (and do not yet have health insurance in Germany)?openMinimise

How do I prove my status as an insured individual in case of treatment?openMinimise

How long is my German health insurance valid?openMinimise

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