Networks and leisure activities   

Networks and leisure activities

Looking for more information about house pets? Interested in multilingual cultural offerings for Ukrainians? You’ve come to the right place! This information is updated regularly.


Patenmatch (English translation: godfather match) supports refugees free of charge with the search for suitable godfathers for the first steps in Germany. A godfather helps the person assigned to him with doing sports, going to university, carrying out past-time activities, enjoying cultural programs and in many other areas of everyday life and in connection with the process of arrival. Throughout Germany, many different organizations can be found that offer godfather programs. Patenmatch supports people with the mediation and searches for a suitable godfather program to fulfill the needs of the person affected in his region. Please register here:

Information:  is an offer that falls under the sole responsibility of the non-profit organization ProjectTogether and that is not in any form connected to the federal government.

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