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Helps with orientation in Germany: The Germany4Ukraine app provides an up-to-date overview of information, accommodation and medical care for refugees from Ukraine. It is the Federal Government's central mobile point of contact that helps you get started in Germany in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German.

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Safely informed

Refugees from Ukraine can find information on entry, registration, and residence using "Germany4Ukraine". Other ways and options for the various phases of the stay are clearly presented. The app also shows you the latest on onward travel, accommodation, healthcare, and social security benefits.

Available everywhere

With the app, "Germany4Ukraine" reaches even more people. Refugees can download it in any country, because the app is available throughout Europe and thus answers questions before entry. It is your companion on your smartphone that you simply open and with which you can get help quickly at any time.

Services on the go

The range of the app is continuously being expanded, and further services are being integrated. Among other things, services from immigration authorities, healthcare authorities, and social security institutes are planned.

Install free of charge

The free Germany4Ukraine app is available for Android and iOS devices. Download "Germany4Ukraine" now from the Play Store and the App Store . Alternatively, you can download the "Germany4Ukraine" app for Android devices as an APK file , 21 MB, not barrier-free from our website.
Please note that the option "Install apps from external sources" must be activated on your Android device in order to install the app.

Install free of charge

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