Are entry into Germany and temporary lawful residence ensured in the short term?openMinimise

Which border should I leave through? How do I get to the border and further?openMinimise

Is it possible to enter Germany without a biometric passport?openMinimise

Is the Ukrainian ID card (2015 model) recognized as a substitute passport document for crossing the border and staying in Germany?    openMinimise

Can I travel on within the EU?openMinimise

I lost my own/my children’s passport and/or identity documents as I was fleeing Ukraine. Where can I apply for a passport substitute in Germany?openMinimise

Will there be evacuation flights? For German and Ukrainian nationals?openMinimise

I am travelling with unaccompanied minors. Where do I have to go?openMinimise

What happens after I have entered Germany? Where can I register in Germany and where can I get accommodation and food?openMinimise

Where can late repatriates from Ukraine get further information?    openMinimise

Please find further information on entry and residence on the website of the Foreign Office.

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