Entry, Residence and Return

Entry, Residence and Return

In this section, you will find information about everything related to your entry, your residence in Germany and your return to your home country. 

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If you are in Germany due to the war in Ukraine and decide to obtain a long-term right of residence in Germany or to receive social support or to work in the short term, you can submit an application for a residence permit. This application can now be submitted quickly and conveniently to the Foreigners’ Authority via Germany4Ukraine.

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Are entry into Germany and temporary lawful residence ensured in the short term?openMinimise

Which border should I leave through? How do I get to the border and further?openMinimise

Is it possible to enter Germany without a biometric passport?openMinimise

Is the Ukrainian ID card (2015 model) recognized as a substitute passport document for crossing the border and staying in Germany?openMinimise

Can I travel on within the EU?openMinimise

I am travelling with a pet or would like to bring a pet with me to Germany. What do I need to know?openMinimise

Do Corona-related entry restrictions apply? What proof is required? openMinimise

I lost my own/my children’s passport and/or identity documents as I was fleeing Ukraine. Where can I apply for a passport substitute in Germany?openMinimise

Will there be evacuation flights? For German and Ukrainian nationals?openMinimise

I am travelling with unaccompanied minors. Where do I have to go?openMinimise

Where can late repatriates from Ukraine get further information?openMinimise


I am in Germany without a visa. What options do I have now?openMinimise

What exactly do the terms visa, residence document, residence permit, proof of arrival, registration, fictional certificate, third-country nationals, and Schengen countries mean?openMinimise

Where do I have to register?openMinimise

Who will receive protection in the EU after the EU decided on 4th March 2022 to accept war refugees?openMinimise

What happens after I have entered Germany? Where can I register in Germany and where can I get accommodation and food?openMinimise

Should Ukrainian nationals apply for asylum?openMinimise

How would submitting an application for asylum affect my further stay?openMinimise

I am a Russian citizen, am already in Germany and have a residence permit for Germany (e.g. residence permit or settlement permit). Do I have to expect to be expelled from Germany due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?openMinimise

I am staying in Germany for a limited period of time, e.g. as a student. Will my residence permit as a Russian citizen (e.g. visa or residence permit) still be extended?openMinimise

I am not in Germany and would like to apply for a visa as a Russian citizen to work in Germany. Is this possible?openMinimise

Do I have to register my apartment?openMinimise

What applies to Jewish immigrants from Ukraine with and without acceptance of admission?openMinimise


Will my temporary protection expire if I return to Ukraine for a short time?openMinimise

I am a citizen of a country other than Ukraine. I left Ukraine because of the current situation there and came to Germany. Can I get help to leave Germany voluntarily and return to my country of origin? openMinimise

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