Family and Child

Family and Child

Have you fled Ukraine and are you looking for support services specifically for families? Here you will find information on the subject of family and children, such as financial support for families with children, support services for mothers and pregnant women, but also assistance for children in care and orphans, as well as other services for people who are exposed to violence.

Familienfiguren aus Papier die in übereinander liegenden Händen liegen

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Financial support 

What kind of financial support can families with children receive in Germany?openMinimise

Child benefit for refugees from Ukraine

Can families who have fled from Ukraine claim child benefit?openMinimise

What evidence must be submitted when applying for child benefit?openMinimise

What kind of work is required to be able to claim child benefit?openMinimise

Particular circumstances in the case of orphans and children who do not know their parents’ whereaboutsopenMinimise

Can you claim child benefit if you have made an asylum claim?openMinimise

Amount of child benefitopenMinimise

Applying for child benefitopenMinimise

Support for children and youngsters

How is the search for safe accommodation for children in care and orphans supported?openMinimise

What assistance is available for young refugees?openMinimise

Support for pregnant refugees and young parents

What assistance is available for pregnant women and young parents?openMinimise

Where can I get assistance in finding childcare?openMinimise

Are there special offers of support when looking for a job for immigrant mothers?openMinimise

Support for people who were affected by violence and threatened

Are there special offers of assistance if I am currently still in a refugee accommodation?openMinimise

Who can I contact if I am the victim of violence as a woman?openMinimise

Where can I get support if I am at risk of human trafficking?openMinimise

Other support offerings

Where can I get help if I need psychosocial care?openMinimise

Where can I find assistance for integrating in Germany?openMinimise

What other support options are there for refugees?openMinimise

As a refugee, can I get involved in the Federal Volunteer Service in Germany?openMinimise