Registration, residence permit and asylum

Apply for a residence permit now

I am in Germany without a visa. What options do I have now?openMinimise

What exactly do the terms visa, residence document, residence permit, proof of arrival, registration, fictional certificate, third-country nationals, and Schengen countries mean?openMinimise

Where do I have to register?openMinimise

Registering in an initial reception centre or an arrival centre
When you register, you will receive an arrival certificate (Ankunftsnachweis), a provisional residence document (Fiktionsbescheinigungor a certificate indicating the reception facility responsible for you (Anlaufbescheinigung). This document is very important for your next steps in Germany.

Who will receive protection in the EU after the EU decided on 4th March 2022 to accept war refugees?openMinimise

Should Ukrainian nationals apply for asylum?openMinimise

How would submitting an application for asylum affect my further stay?openMinimise

I am a Russian citizen, am already in Germany and have a residence permit for Germany (e.g. residence permit or settlement permit). Do I have to expect to be expelled from Germany due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine?openMinimise

I am staying in Germany for a limited period of time, e.g. as a student. Will my residence permit as a Russian citizen (e.g. visa or residence permit) still be extended?openMinimise

I am not in Germany and would like to apply for a visa as a Russian citizen to work in Germany. Is this possible?openMinimise

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