Rapid assistance in case of an emergency

Rapid assistance in case of an emergency

If you become ill or have a medical emergency at night or on a weekend, you have a large network of support services available in Germany. You can find an overview of the most important numbers and services here. 

Important telephone numbers:
• Emergency medical service: 112
• Poison hotline: +49 30 19240
• Medical on-call service: 116 117
Pharmacies also have a night and emergency service.

The following are examples of medical emergencies (medizinische Notfälle):

  • acute shortness of breath
  • acute chest pain
  • acute abdominal pain
  • acute dizziness
  • accidents and injuries
  • complications during pregnancy
  • acute mental distress
  • acute danger of suicide
  • drug-related emergency
  • allergic shock
  • loss of consciousness or coma

In these cases you should seek immediate help by calling an ambulance or going to a doctor or a hospital emergency room.

Important: please ask the staff of your reception centre who is responsible there in case of medical emergencies.

You can find more information, including medical vocabulary and telephone numbers at: migration-gesundheit.bund.de

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