User survey

User survey

Thank you for your interest and participation in our user survey, conducted between September and November 2023. The purpose of the survey was to collect your suggestions and requests for improvement in order to best meet your current needs when arriving and living in Germany.

Auswertung Nutzendenbefragung November 2023

Photo: Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge

Should you have any further suggestions regarding Germany4Ukraine, please write to us directly  or use our contact form.

The insights you provide will be directly incorporated into the improvement and further development of the Germany4Ukraine website and app.

We have summarised specific results from the survey for you here:

85 per cent of users accessed the Germany4Ukraine portal using a smartphone.

71 per cent of respondents came to Germany after the outbreak of war in Ukraine and have been living here for more than three months.

53.6 per cent of respondents have applied for their residence permit online.

29.6 per cent of respondents would like a link to the recognition of foreign professional qualifications.

7 per cent of respondents would like a link to the Diia authentication option (digital ID).

Many thanks!

Your Germany4Ukraine Team

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