Online identification via AusweisApp2

Online identification via AusweisApp2    

The online identification card (eID) of your electronic residence permit enables you to clearly and securely prove your identity online. With it, you can, for instance, submit your applications online, for which you would otherwise have to prove your identity in person and render a signature at an administration, a branch or via mail. This means that you are saving time and effort when it comes to  bureaucratic procedures as well as business affairs.


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Functioning of AusweisApp2

In order to transfer your eID data to a supplier and to identify yourself online, you need to read out your electronic residence permit. The easiest way to do so is via smartphone.

Step 1: Prerequisites

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Step 2: Preparation

Option a: Direct reading via NFC chip

Can I prove my identity directly on my smartphone?openMinimise

Option b: Smartphone serving as card reader

If you want to use your smartphone as card reader in combination with your laptop, the app needs to be installed on both devices.

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How do I pair an NFC-enabled smartphone to serve as a card reader?openMinimise

Option c: Tablet    

Can I also use AusweisApp2 on my tablet?openMinimise

Step 3: Online identification

How do I prove my identity online?openMinimise


How can I check whether my smartphone can read out the data and that the ID function is activated?openMinimise

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What can I do when my smartphone does not recognize my electronic residence permit?openMinimise

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On this page you will find print materials for the application „AusweisApp2

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