Medical Care

Medical care

Are you ill and need a doctor or psychological care? You can seek initial help at these addresses. You will also find information about finding the right contact person, making appointments, and what to do in case of emergency. Find out more about free basic medical care in Germany, including tests and vaccinations against COVID-19.

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If you become ill or have a medical emergency at night or on a weekend, you have a large network of support services available in Germany. You can find an overview of the most important numbers and services here.openMinimise

Medical treatment

What if I become ill or need medical care?    openMinimise

Who does what in the German health system?openMinimise

Psychological support

I have a physical or mental impairment. Where can I find information on assistance and support?openMinimise

Information about COVID-19

Can I get vaccinated in Germany?openMinimise

What rules apply to COVID-19 tests in Germany and where can I get tested?openMinimise

Is my vaccination still valid in Germany?openMinimise


I am pregnant. What help is available for me?openMinimise

Children and young people

What medical treatment is available for children and young people?openMinimise

Long-term care

General website

You can find more information here:

Free Hotline - Federal point of contact for refugees with disabilites and/or care needs

Hotline: +49 30 854 04 789 (Mo - Fr from 9am - 5pm)

This service is currently only offered in German.

Contact via Hotline or E-Mail:

- As an evacuating organization to announce a larger group of refugees with disabilities and/or care needs in Germany

- As "Drehkreuz" with queries about the arrival of our target group

- As federal coordination entities ("Landeskoordinierungsstelle") with inquiries about accommodation requests and notifications of needs by the "Bundeskontaktstelle" as well as information on free accommodation capacities