People with disabilities

What is a disabled person’s pass and what benefits and relief measures are there for people with disabilities?openMinimise

What assistance is there for children with disabilities?openMinimise

Where do people with disabilities find support when starting an apprenticeship, studies or work?openMinimise

What is EUTB®  (Complementary independent participation counselling, ergänzende unabhängige Teilhabeberatung®)?openMinimise

What is the federal contact center (Bundeskontaktstelle)?openMinimise

What is the federal coordination center for deaf children, juveniles and families that fled Ukraine (Bundeskoordinierungsstelle für gehörlose geflüchtete Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien aus der Ukraine) and what are its tasks?openMinimise

What is the SOS notification office Ukrainian orphanages and children’s homes (SOS Meldestelle Ukrainische Waisenhäuser und Kinderheime)?openMinimise

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