Short-term accommodation

Housing Ukraine

The Housing Ukraine page offers accommodation in private homes for people who have fled Ukraine. If you are interested in such housing, you can register on the platform by providing some basic information about yourself and your needs. You will then be put in contact with suitable hosts.
Click on the link for the online form to enter your information and register for the placement process. Further information on placement can also be found on the Housing Ukraine page.


The websites and also offer private accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

The website has set up a special page for people fleeing Ukraine, where you can find free or inexpensive places to stay in many different European countries.

And German youth hostels offer accommodation for refugees too:

At, the Wohnungswirtschaft Deutschland website offers information in Ukrainian for refugees, including an overview of accommodation available in all of Germany, organised by region. 

Note on accommodation
Since 1st June, assistance and social benefits for refugees from Ukraine in need of assistance have been provided in accordance with the German Social Security Code II. This means that there are simplifications to the requirements regarding your place of residence, such as the assumption of costs for accommodation and heating. For this reason, unlike asylum seekers, you are responsible for your own accommodation.

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