Have you fled Ukraine and are you looking for housing? On this page you can find the information you need. In addition to state-run emergency shelters, private temporary housing is also available.The border authorities will initially direct you to state-run emergency shelters.  There you will receive a place to sleep, food, and other support services until you have found longer-term housing. Beyond this, many private individuals are offering housing on platforms such as and .

Ukraine Unterkunft


Housing Ukraine

The Housing Ukraine page offers accommodation in private homes for people who have fled Ukraine. If you are interested in such housing, you can register on the platform by providing some basic information about yourself and your needs. You will then be put in contact with suitable hosts.
Click on the link for the online form to enter your information and register for the placement process. Further information on placement can also be found on the Housing Ukraine page.

State-run initial reception centres

You can enter Germany with or without applying for asylum. Applying for asylum is not necessary because the European Union is implementing an admission procedure for war refugees from Ukraine in accordance with the EU Temporary Protection Directive. This means that admission to Germany is unbureaucratic in accordance with section 24 of the Residence Act, and displaced persons from Ukraine do not have to go through the asylum procedure. Border officials will refer you to the nearest state-run initial reception centre, where you will be given a place to sleep, food and assistance.

To take part in the reception programme for war refugees from Ukraine, you must apply for a residence permit for temporary protection in accordance with section 24 of the Residence Act. You can apply for this permit at your local foreigners authority, which you can find in the  BAMF-NAvI directory at


The websites and also offer private accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

The website has set up a special page for people fleeing Ukraine, where you can find free or inexpensive places to stay in many different European countries.

And German youth hostels offer accommodation for refugees too:

At, the Wohnungswirtschaft Deutschland website offers information in Ukrainian for refugees, including an overview of accommodation available in all of Germany, organised by region.