Are you an Ukrainian in Germany and your personal rights have been violated? In this case you can apply to the Human Rights Commissioner of the Ukrainian Parliament. You can submit your application online, by e-mail or by phone via the hotline of the Human Rights Commissioner.

Online: Log in with your personal account on the official website of the Commissioner and submit your application in the section "Submit an appeal". Important: Sign your application and identify who submitted the application. Failure to sign or identify will result in the application being disregarded.

Email: Send an email to . Your complaint must include your last name, first name, father's name, and place of residence and outline the essence of the issue, request, or demand being addressed. In addition, you must provide an email address or other contact address so that feedback can be sent to you.

Hotline: Call the hotline of the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Ukrainian Parliament at +380-800-501-720 or the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights at +38 044-253-75-89. Calls from abroad are also possible.

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