You can find information here about trains, free rail and local public transport tickets, and travel within Germany and to Germany’s neighbouring countries to the west.

Apart from individual travel to Germany, the Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) has organised a special offer in particular for people who do not have a specific destination in Germany in mind. Here is a brief explanation:

The Federal Office for Goods Transport (BAG) has organised free onward travel for people arriving from war-torn Ukraine. Starting from the central arrival hubs in Berlin, Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder) and Hanover, buses and trains will take you to accommodation facilities and other destinations throughout Germany.

These options for onward travel will be waiting for you when you arrive at one of the central hubs. Please ask the local helpers or visit the information points if you need more information about this onward travel.

En route to your final destination, you will be given the necessary information to take advantage of additional support available there. At your final destination, you will be welcomed by helpers who will assist you with all the next steps, such as shelter, food and registration. The waiting times are likely to be much shorter at these destinations, especially for registration.

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